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August 2021 Calendar

Are you looking for an August 2021 Calendar? Your hunt will end here. We are proud to offer high-quality Printable August 2021 Calendars for free-of-charge. We understand that remembering the precious moments of life is not easy and peoples need a convenient way to trigger important dates.

Therefore, we provide an exclusive collection of the August 2021 Blank Calendar, which can be customized according to your needs. You can enter pieces of information about special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, and more with your custom touch. Our August 2021 Printable Calendar helps you stay on top of your schedule. Don’t miss this chance to reduce the clutter of remembering dates.

Download these August 2021 Calendars with Holidays today! It not only gives you a way to remember your valuable occasions but includes extensive knowledge and facts about the month. With our connected bits of information, you can stick some facts in your mind in an organized way.

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August 2021 Calendar

August Calendar 2021

August 2021 Printable Calendar

August month begins with a beautiful sky and the sun is always out. The shine of the glowing sun heals our serotonin levels, which gives us happiness and makes us relaxed. This gives a way for recreation of thinking and encourages everyone to look at something new. On the other hand, it considers as the harvest month and also an ideal time to have good harvests.

Around 753 BC, in the earlier version of the Roman calendar, August was named Sextilis, because it was the sixth month. At that time it consisted of 31 days but later it became the eighth month with a length of 29 days when January and February were added to the year.

Around 45 BCE Julius Caesar added two more days to the August month. It was later renamed “August” after the first Roman Emperor “Augustus”. On talking about the official birthstone, they are onyx and peridot. People wear the onyx stone in the form of a ring or bracelet to remove negativity from their life. And peridot is a light green stone found in the Hawaiin volcanos lava.

August 2021 Calendar With Holidays

August 2021 Printable Calendar

August 2021 Calendar Printable

Blank August 2021 Calendar

Apart from the birthstone, August poses two flowers, called gladiolus and poppy. Also known as sword lily, gladiolus are blooming flowers. Poppies are a root of opium and are used as a stress reliever. The flowers impart vigor and strength in one’s life.

Raksha Bandhan – The festival of brothers and sisters denotes the relationship between them. Sisters tie rakhi to their beloved brothers and hope to be protected by them.

Victory Day – The US celebrates this day and celebrates it as a victory over Japan during the second world war.

Independence Day – A country of diverse religion, food, and festival, India celebrates its Independence Day from Britishers on 15th August 1947.

Assumption Day – Christians, especially catholic feasts the day as the entry of lord Jesus’ mother in heaven. From PDF, PNG, JPG, WORD, and EXCEL, we have a wide collection of weekly, monthly, and yearly calendars.

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